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Will a garden building or home office add value to my property?

Your family may have grown but your property has not. Building an extension to your house can give you extra space but can also be costly and stressfull. Adding a garden room will add extra floor-space to your property but will it add value?

A poorly built garden building can put off potential buyers but a well built one can add on average 5% to the property value, easily covering the initial cost of investment, and will also give you the all important 'wow factor'.

According to the Telegraph newspaper Money section, an example investment of £6,653 could add £35,611 to the average UK home.

Increased floor space

Buyers are attracted to properties that have a large useable floor space, which is why open plan conversions had been so popular in the past. A garden building is not only a large and useable space, but it is versatile too. It doesn't matter what you choose to use your garden building for, buyers will be able to use it however they like after.

Improves the look of your garden

Even the smallest garen buildings make an outdoor space look impressive, particularly with today's range of beautiful, modern and high quality finishes. Buyers are immediately drawn as they imagine how they could use the space. Having an attractive garden building will attract more viewers who will be likely to offer closer to the asking price in order to beat the competition, resulting in a quicker sale.

Attractive to business owners

Having a space available as a home office or workshop that is separate to the house is attractive to buyers who want to separate their work space but not have to spend time or money on their commute. A well built and insulated garden buillding will ensure that they can work without being disturbed.

Quick and easy to build

Modern construction methods now mean that a garden building can be built quicker than a traditional timber frame construction and in a fraction of the time taken to build a brick or concrete extension. At Herts Outdoor Living we use SIPs panels in the construction of our garden buildings that not only reduce installation time but boast incredible insulation values.

Click here to read more on SIPS buildings.

Do I need planning permission?

The majority of garden buildings fall within permitted development rights which means that you won't need planning permission. However, it is always best to check with your local council and consult their Planning Portal.

If your building is above 2.5m high, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, measures abover 15m2, contains sleeping accommodation or is less than 1m from any boundary, you will likely need to adhere to building regulations or seek planning permission.

If you are unsure then you can always contact us a Herts Outdoor Living with your specific needs and we will be happy to advise you. All of our works carried out are fully compliant with building regulations and electrical works certified as safe and compliant.

What about my garden?

Does your garden need improving to match your new outdoor building?

Herts Outdoor Living offer a complete solution when it comes to your outdoor space.

As we also undertake garden landscaping with our own in-house team, we are able to offer a complete design and construction service. Groundworks, foundations and connecting electricity or water to your building can all be incorporated so that you don't have to juggle different contractors. Our team of designers can help you realise your dream garden before our site team bring it to life.

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