SIPs Explained

A 21st Century construction method that makes timber fromes a thing of the past

What are SIPs?

Structurally Insulated Panels are a high-performance, highly versatile building system and form the core of a Herts Outdoor Living garden room. 


The panels are made from a rigid Polyurethane (PUR) core sandwiched between two outer skins of oriented strand board (OSB/3). This 21st century product is set to replace the timber frame buildings of the past. With environmental impact a key factor in the future of construction, SIPs are at the forefront of sustainable and efficient spaces. SIPs can be used to create anything from small outdoor spaces to multi-storey homes that have excellent thermal properties and can be built quicker than with traditional timber frame or concrete.


The advantages of SIPs

Warmth & energy:


SIPs are best known for their excellent thermal properties compared to traditional insulation or even solid concrete. The construction technique of using SIPs also means that your building will have the highest levels of air-tightness. This is a key factor in controlling the climate of your new build. Furthermore, another key factor in climate control is thermal bridging. This typically occurs at the joints of a construction and is where heat is lost through conduction around the insulation. Once again, SIPs panels excel at reducing this.

SIPS cutaway

In short, SIPs buildings retain heat in the winter and stay cool in summer, vastly reducing energy costs. Your SIPs building will insulate up to 4x better than timber frame or even concrete.



SIPs buildings can have thinner walls than timber frame buidings but still out-perform both on thermal properties and on rigidity which in turn increases your internal floor space. The strength of the panels means that you do not require roof trusses either so space is  greatly increased for pitched roof buildings.


Often used in earthquake or tornado zones, SIPs panels distribute weight throughout the structure evenly by forming a monolithic shell once constructed. Your building will be up to 7x stronger than a standard timber frame building but still retain your desired aesthetic. The panels are also resistant to fire, mold, microbes and rodents.


Design & Construction

Our panels are pre-cut and fabricated to spec before delivery to site, cutting installation time by up to 60% over traditional timber frame buildings. The main structure can be delivered and made weather tight in as little as a day, depending on design. SIPs buildings are highly versatile in their design compared to traditional limitations and can still be finished in any traditional material or aesthetic that you desire. 


As well as reducing energy consumption in the long term,  materials used in SIPs panels are sustainably sourced and all SIPs products are recyclable.

At Herts Outdoor Living we are commited to reducing our environmental impact both in our operations and in the product that we provide.

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